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Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

Here at Wind of Change, we believe that God is aware of your challenges. We also believe that He has a plan for your future that is bright and full of hope.

Our residential treatment facility utilizes a clinical, evidence-based approach with the best techniques to counter behavioral issues that arise from trauma, anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorders, and adoption issues, to name a few. However, we also balance scientific approaches with a voluntary faith-based perspective. We believe that true healing is a gift from God and that individuals can find peace and perspective by approaching Christ. To build and nurture faith at our young adult woman’s residential treatment facility, we utilize several methods:

Faith-Based Counseling

Counselors, psychiatrists, direct care, and administration staff all share faith-based values that elevate the spirit at our inpatient residential treatment center. Women benefit from being surrounded by adults who have learned to know God in their lives and move forward trusting in His redeeming grace and mercy. Often, discussions at the residential treatment center circle around understanding more about God and our relationship with him. Clients have the opportunity to turn to Christ and allow Him to heal them and direct their lives.

While working through personal issues that lead to behavioral health issues, we bring God into the discussion to help adult women understand that they can be forgiven, and they can forgive themselves and others and move forward.

A Peaceful Retreat from the World

The world is a noisy place, filled with distractions, temptations, and skewed values that make us forget what’s truly important in life. Here at Wind of Change mental health treatment center, women are given a chance to unplug and look at the world from a different perspective. Hard work, traditional values, and quiet time to reflect and pray all lead to a better perspective on life that is refreshing to many of the women who come to our facility. We provide as many opportunities as possible for young women to enjoy the glory of God’s creations. From animal husbandry to horseback rides out in the beautiful countryside, women find God as a more immediate presence in their lives and learn to live with gratitude for the simple things.

Life Skills and Self Reliance

Wind of Change is not a luxury spa because neither is the real world. We keep young adult women on a specific schedule that includes household chores, life and social skills training, and everything else to help them become better members of society. Young women learn skills of self-reliance, but they also learn to care for others. They learn to care for their own living space, and the other women residents of the facility just as a family in a home setting would do. We believe that by following Christ’s pattern of service and charity, young women can realize their value and the extraordinary and unique contribution they can have to the world.

Prayer, Reflection, and Spiritual Study

Our treatment approach includes a holistic approach to care for the body, mind, and soul. While the days are busy with tasks and counseling, we make it a primary focus to provide time for personal reflection and study. We encourage women to study God’s words in the Bible and meditate on their blessings and relationship with God. We believe that when women learn to turn their troubles, worries, and challenges over to God, they can be truly healed, and empowered to make positive changes in their lives.

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