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Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

Christian Residential Treatment for Young Adult Women

It might feel like a severe decision to seek help as an adult, however, we’ve learned here at Wind of Change that often experiencing childhood trauma is linked to depression and anxiety later in life.  PTSD and trauma often do lead to depression, anxiety, and dual diagnosis, and their symptoms may overlap. Other risk factors, such as gender and genetic predispositions can increase someone’s likelihood of developing depression, anxiety, and dual diagnosis. We understand as well that chronic and more severe depression and anxiety respond better to a combination of medication and therapy.

It’s never too late in one’s life to engage and turn everything around for the better. Inpatient and outpatient programs can help provide much-needed counseling and allow you or your loved one to practice healthy skills and development. But only residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intense outpatient programs provide the immersive experience that is often needed to help oneself recognize and change problematic patterns in their life.

Benefits of a Young Adult Women’s Residential Treatment Center

  • Removes women from environments that perpetuate harmful behavior: We are biologically wired to value peer approval more during our college years than at any other time in life. Often, simply removing yourself from potentially harmful peer influences opens the door for major changes in your life.
  • Allows Women to connect with nature: Numerous studies have found that our thoughts and emotions are different when we’re out in nature. We’re less likely to get stuck in self-deprecating musings, and we’re more likely to open to creative problem-solving, gratitude, curiosity, and wonder.
  • Teaches new skills: Learning something new, especially if it’s something difficult, requires quite a bit of time and practice. As a client at Wind of Change, you learn how to take care of yourself, handle your activities of daily living, learn dialectical behavioral therapy skills, and learn basic life skills that will serve you after returning home, like responsibility, teamwork, and trust.

Participation and Connection with Parents

Having a loved one in a Christian Residential Treatment Facility can be difficult for some parents. After all, it’s hard to face that level of separation from your daughter during such a vulnerable time in your relationship. However, our treatment philosophy encourages but doesn’t require participation from parents to better guide your young adult into productive pathways. That’s why part of Wind of Change’s behavioral health programs includes family therapy that allows parents to rekindle maybe distraught relationships with their young adults. Read more about family therapy and parent participation.

Our Unique Environment

Wind of Change is located in a remote mountain range surrounded by mother nature. Wind of Change’s residential treatment center, partial hospitalization, and intense outpatient programs are full of scenes of extraordinary beauty and awe. Because our facility is the perfect place to get some perspective and awaken to God’s wonders, our residents come from all over the country.

Many patients come from:

  • Wyoming
  • Montana
  • Idaho
  • Colorado
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • Arizona
  • Washington
  • Oregon

The peace that a young woman finds here become a balm to wounded spirits. Wind of Change’s family-style living creates the perfect environment for young adults to learn and recover.

We know that many factors go into your decision to enroll yourself or a loved one in a behavioral health program. Learn more about How We Are Different, our Treatment Philosophy, and Skilled Services here on our site.

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