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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization Program

To better serve our patients, Winds of Change is proud to provide a Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP. Oftentimes, the transition home from residential treatment can be difficult. It can be easy to default back into old patterns of behavior, forgetting the many new tools and skills that they learned in residential therapy. Our Partial Hospitalization Program bridges this gap. It can also act as an alternative to residential care as long as it’s implemented before a patient has reached a crisis point. PHP programs provide a balance between the 24-hour supervision of a residential program and the minimal therapeutic support of regular outpatient programs. At Wind of Change’s partial hospitalization program, patients can practice skills learned in residential treatment with the exact same treatment team whom they have already developed a trusting relationship with that understands their unique mental health needs.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program Is Suitable for Patients Who…

  • Are experiencing acute psychiatric symptoms which limit their ability to effectively participate in home, school, and/or social activities.
  • Needs more therapeutic support than what is available at home, in a typical outpatient setting.
  • Do not present a threat to themselves or others around them.
  • Are able and willing to be a part of group therapy settings.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program Includes:

  • 8 hours per day of therapeutic care (totaling 40-56 hours per week) including individual, family, and group therapy supervised by licensed counselors.
  • Personalized treatment programs for each patient, utilizing therapeutic methodology customized for your unique needs and situation.
  • Medication management by either a psychiatrist or a licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner
  • Continuation of patient’s schooling with the collaboration of program managers, and educators.
  • The option of family-focused therapy to address challenges as they arise, and troubleshoot challenges in communication and behavior in a family setting.
  • Development and application of important social and personal skills such as healthy communication, boundary-setting, and respect for self.
  • Development and application of personal coping skills, including self-soothing, emotional regulation, mindfulness, and distress tolerance.

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