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Life Planning

For young adults, changes and transitions are fundamental and necessary. However, many are finding that they are ill-equipped to successfully manage those transitions, resulting in young adults who feel stuck and unprepared. At Winds of Change Recovery, you will learn the skills needed to progress in life and step out on your own with confidence. You will work with staff to learn areas you may excel in based on your natural talents and interests and explore related jobs and career paths. Staff will instruct you on personal finance which includes interest and credit cards, budgeting, and filing taxes.

The length of your stay at Winds of Change residential treatment depends on several things: your specific needs as determined by your initial assessment, the input of clinical staff, and the progress you have made. When you meet the mutually agreed-upon goals listed in your treatment plan, it is time to return to your daily life and continue recovery with the help of outpatient therapy and family and friends.  We encourage all clients, when possible, to step down through the levels of care without rushing. For some, the transition home is more difficult than their time in treatment.

After you have spent precious time focusing on YOU during your treatment, it is time for discharge. This can elicit anxiety for some clients, especially if they are striking out on their own at the conclusion of their time at Winds of Change Recovery. After getting instruction and practice in healthy life skills and therapeutic topics, the question is, “Where will I go from here?”

Staff will see that you are as equipped as much as you can be to make this transition. This will include giving you an opportunity to secure housing and conduct job searches, including applying and interviewing (if possible.) With the help of the staff of Winds of Change Recovery, you will have the skills needed to step into the world ready to thrive.