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How We Are Different

How We Are Different 

How Wind of Change is Different from Other Young Adult Programs for Women

Wind of Change is not your typical residential treatment program. There are several core differences between Wind of Change and other young adult programs for women.

How do we do it? By choosing the narrow gate. With the help of our capable and compassionate staff, you or your loved one will feel safe and loved while doing the hard work of digging deep to get to the core of the behavioral issues that brought you into residential treatment. We use Christian Counseling, Evidenced Based Therapy, and Family Therapy. You will use role play to practice the new skills you are learning. REPETITION, CONSISTENCY, AND PRACTICE are keys to turning newly learned skills into new habits.

Young Adult Residential Treatment Program – Our ALL-WOMAN residential treatment program uses the power of evidence-based therapies, and Christian Counseling, in a small, family-style residential treatment facility, so you can feel free to open up about their unique issues.  Most young women have suffered sexual abuse, sexual promiscuity, bullying, social anxieties, and low self-esteem, being in a young adult program for women makes it easier for you or your loved one to open up and be honest about their mental health and behavioral issues. Have you ever tried to lose weight? How about quitting smoking? Get into shape? You don’t wake up one morning overweight, addicted to nicotine, and flabby. Change happens over time. Usually a long period. The same is true for your recovery.  You didn’t become the person you are today overnight, so you can’t be expected to eradicate all those behaviors in the short term. We don’t try to hide it. It’s a fact we tell you right up front: it takes on average 30 days to change a bad habit and 90 days or more inpatient residential treatment and intense day treatment to change mental health and behavioral issues. Quick-fix 7-day stabilization treatments may last for a while, but patients frequently revert to the way they were before treatment. Why? It’s a band-aid approach. There simply wasn’t enough time to get at the heart of the problems and fix them.

Family-Style, Residential Treatment vs. Mental Health Institutionalized Facility – Institutions tend to be cold, clinical, and stringent. They have set options available and choose the one that most closely fits your situation. Institutions tend to attract more hardcore patients who bring their bucket load of severe behavioral issues with them – oftentimes distracting those around them with undesirable behaviors that distract them from their treatment.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, Wind of Change is a loving, family-style residential treatment program. Our administrators and therapists learn about your specific treatment goals and then develop a personalized treatment regimen.  This allows you to work on your issues, accomplish your personal goals, and more deeply develop lasting healthy relationships.

Small Intimate Residential Facility – Institutional facilities can have 50, 100, or even several hundred patients of both sexes in treatment at once. We keep admission levels extremely low: only 8 adults are accepted into our residential treatment facility at any given time.

Christian-Centered in Every Aspect – Alcoholics Anonymous has long proven the importance of a higher power in overcoming dual diagnosis challenges.  We believe that is true as well for behavioral health issues.  We will encourage you to develop a relationship with God so that you can learn to love yourself the way that He does, as well as learn the power of forgiveness in the process of healing.  This is very evident when healing the deep-seated wounds that each young woman seeks to mend at Wind of Change. Over time, the forgiveness of self and others, a release of what the world mistakenly calls “freedom” and a submission to the very best that God can offer you will appear so that you can move on.

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