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Academic Options While in Residential Treatment

At Winds of Change residential treatment center, we believe education is a necessity in life. We also realize that sometimes life gets in the way and education is put on hold during struggles. When you are a patient at Winds of Change you will have the opportunity to continue your education. There are several options to utilize while you are here.

Option 1:

If a client does not have a High School Diploma they can choose to work on high school classes using an online platform of their choosing and continue to work on individual classes

Option 2: 

Clients who wish to pursue a GED may do so during their time at Winds of Change by utilizing the local community college’s HiSet program. We can also assess other GED programs of the client’s choice to see if they will work with our scheduled program.

Option 3: 

Clients who already have a High School Diploma can opt to enroll in online college classes of their choosing to get a start or continue working on their post-high school degree.

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